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Autumn Leaves, Wildflowers and Fungi on West Mountain

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Three days of not stop rain was a soothing balm for the Forrest that surrounds my home.  It was the first time since January this year that a storm had produced continuous rainfall on contiguous days.  The flowing drops were a beautiful sight from my window.  I went hiking this past Wednesday and the temperature was in the mid 50s as I headed up onto West Mountain… It was wonderful to feel the cool air on my face.

The rain fed the earth and she brought forth an abundance of colorful gems.  Wildflowers decorated the Forest floor in purple, blue, green, white and yellow.  Glorious new growth added various shades of pink and red to the existing greenery.  Pushing up from beneath leaves and out of stumps red, white and gold fungi stretches upward.

A flock of Robins heading skyward drew my line of sight to Autumn Leaves in the highest reaches of the Forest canopy.  Red, yellow and orange create colorful confetti sparkling in the early light among the late summer green.  It is a promise of the changes to come when Autumn begins this Saturday.

Love to ALL!

PS: I am thankful for the cooling temperatures and the impending colorful changes of Autumn!

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One response

  1. ricklondonsyndication

    Stunning blog baby. Love how the forest is slowly coming back to life and you are capturing it beautifully. Way to go. Love ur LH Rick x0x00x

    September 22, 2012 at 9:56 pm

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