Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

Beautiful Juvenile Birds Along the Trails

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Nature wraps me in her gentle embrace as she sings to the first light. ~ Lee Hiller

We have experienced several days that included beautiful life giving rain showers.  Sadly this interlude of moisture did not arrive in time to save many beloved Trees in the Forest.  Joyously I can report the rain has brought out many lovely juvenile Birds and wildflowers.  I was also blessed to see my dear friend Bob a female Squirrel this morning as I headed into the Mountains.

Beautiful blue Asiatic Dayflowers are blooming again on the Carriage Road. It was wonderful to see a juvenile Cardinal, Blue Jay, Carolina Wren and Mourning Dove.  Even Lichen had enough moisture to begin painting the Rocks again.

The rain was a glorious gift this week, the Forest felt alive after so many months of drought. It was a perfect morning in the Forest.

Love to ALL!

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One response

  1. I didn’t think you’d see much but you surely saw a lot. Brilliant photos of beautiful new and known animals and flora. TY for sharing it baby. Love ur LH Rick x0x0x

    July 12, 2012 at 9:24 pm

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