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Spring 2012 An Autumn Leaf in Hot Springs National Park

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Within the silence of the new morning we can hear the wisdom of the Universe. ~ Lee Hiller

Last Friday as I looked across from Hot Springs Mountain to West Mountain I noticed someone on the Oak Trail.  I was so happy as it has been closed for several months due to a slide.  So I asked Rick if he wanted to hike the trail with me.  It was already in the 80s at 8:30 when we headed up the canyon trail and connected with the Oak trail.  Unfortunately after hiking several hundred yards we discovered the orange plastic fence was still be in place.  The trail was still closed which had me wondering how the hiker I saw last Friday managed to gain access.

With the heat rising we headed down West Mountain, across the Historic District and up North Mountain.  The breeze on the Floral Trail was glorious and made the humidity seem bearable.  I was glad we drained our water bottles and refilled at the spring before the climb.   I sweat when I hike… no delicate girly perspiration.  My hairline flows like Niagara Falls it is the perfect sauna effect fueled by the humidity and the copious amounts of local spring water I am guzzling.   The perfect morning on the trails, a spa treatment and workout combo.

An hour  later we were on the Hot Springs Mountain Trail and I noticed an autumn Leaf.  Not an old weathered crunchy rust colored one, a fresh soft beautiful newly fallen autumn Leaf.  It is a glorious red with yellow veins glowing on the trail in the hazy humid late spring morning.  No winter, a spring that has felt more like summer and now an autumn Leaf.    Maybe we will get snow in September…

Love to You ALL!

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One response

  1. Surely was a gorgeous hike. LOVED the Arlington flowers too. Beautiful photos x0x0x

    June 13, 2012 at 2:33 pm

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