Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

Nature Weaves a New Tapestry of Living Artistry

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Some spring days reveal a fantastic transformation as Nature weaves a new tapestry of living artistry before our eyes.  When my Husband Rick and I headed up into Hot Springs National Park it was clear Nature was painting a glorious spring portrait. It began with the “The Chinaberry Butterfly Trees” and continued across the mountain.

Each Tree and Leaf held beauty either of it’s own design or via a delicate visitor.  Butterflies and Hummingbird Moths danced lightly across the green seeking warmth and sustenance.   Tiny birds hid within the new canopy building nests and calling to would be mates and suitors.  Each step along the trail pulled us into a glowing tunnel of new greenery.  Wildflowers became delicate brushstrokes of color on the canvas of the Forest floor.  Spring was creating a magical ever-changing landscape and for a brief moment in time we were a part of its beautiful artistry.

Special thanks to the sweet Mourning Dove that against its instincts did not fly off as planned.  Your graceful wing stretch should have heralded your departure. Instead you chose to stay and even walked back toward me. Your flight up into the Tree when others approached did however seem prudent. I am grateful you trusted me to take your photograph.

Love to ALL!

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