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Wildflowers and Flowering Trees Around the Burn Zone

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Yesterday my blog centered on a fire that was cause by careless visitors in Hot Springs National Park (The Crime Scene in Hot Springs National Park).  It was a heartbreaking discovery for myself and my husband to find a burnt landscape. The blackened earth and rocks surrounded by crime scene tape blocked our favorite place to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Indian Mountain.  Today I would like to show you what did not burn… a reminder of the beauty that could have been so quickly lost by the fire.

Hot Springs National Park has been on an alert for fire the past week.  Even though rain is on the way please take care to leave the Forest as it was found.  If you smoke please consider using a nicotine patch when you hike to avoid sparking a fire.

Much Love to ALL,

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One response

  1. The forest lives on even after a careless thug tries to burn it down. Gorgeous photos and I love the new butterflies migrating; guess they wont be here long; but I bet the plum blossoms will. All of it is very pretty; and I loved this hike. Looking forward to another later in the week. Thanks for letting me tag along. Love ur LH Rick xx0x0x

    March 6, 2012 at 10:16 pm

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