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Spring Arrives Bringing Beautiful Tree Blossoms and Wildflowers

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This is my third Spring hiking in Hot Springs National Park and as in years past a glorious experience.  Nature is unfurling in a colorful display of blossoms from the tops of Trees to the Forest floor. During our hike my husband Rick and I are looking up into the Trees at one moment and then down to the trail edges.  Each branch has newly forming leaf buds or delicate blooms. Autumn Leaves on the Forest floor are splashed with color as Wildflowers push up into the sunlight.   I feel as if the Forest is in that beautiful time between a deep sleep and being fully awake.  A moment hovering between two worlds delicately balance on the edge of time.  A nursery filled with new life waiting patiently to spread their Leaves, Petals and Wings in celebration of spring.

We move through the Forest taking care not to disturb the grace of the spring renewal.

Much Love to ALL!

A Hike Fraught with Twists, Turns and Beauty

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I am hiking up West Mountain and the unthinkable occurs, one of my cameras dies :(  I thought at first it was the battery but it soon became clear it was the camera.  I turned around and headed home at peace with the problem, thankful I took out the 4 yr extended warranty.    The little monster was eating batteries, so broad landscapes will be on hold for at least 10 days.  It is time to refocus my view of landscapes as I did once before during a couple of weeks in 2010. “Beautiful Birds of West and Music Mountains” “Woodpeckers, Chickadees and Who is the Rock Stacker?

This left me with one camera so after I arranged for repair service with Sony I headed back outside to console myself with photographing Wildflowers.  As readers of my blog may already know I love Wildflowers, so my mission was a wonderful way to spend the rest of my morning.  While I searched the grass for tiny blooms I heard a noise above me, I was not alone.  Slowly stepping back I turned to look up and find the source of the scraping sound.  Peering down at me was a sweet Squirrel whose lovely color was transitioning from winter silver to spring rust.

As I was moving through the park searching for spring flowers when a Cedar Waxwing landed on a Tree in front of me. Soon it was moving off with other birds and I decided to try and follow them.  The truth, I lost ground pretty fast so I ended up on Bath House Row in the park going to see if a favorite Tree had blossomed.

When I reached the Yellow Spanish Style Hot Springs National Park Administration Building  I could see a the large Saucer Magnolia Tree blossoms were beginning to open.  The freeze and snow last weak changed the outer petals from a pink to a pale beige gold.  At first I felt sad to have lost the chance to capture perfect pink blossoms.  When my mind adjusted to the different colors I realized Nature had presented me with a new version of beautiful.  Gold accented the pink making the shape and definition of each blossom a unique floral sculpture.  Spring has arrived in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Less than a block from my goal I glanced to my side and saw two lovely rows of blossoming Cherry Trees.  To see the spectacular Cherry Blossoms visit my last blog entry “Beautiful Cherry Blossoms Herald An Early Spring“.  You will also see the beautiful wings waiting for me in the blossoms.

Much Love to ALL!

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms Herald An Early Spring

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I had started hiking on West Mountain this morning and ended up on Hot Spring Mountain ( I will post that blog tomorrow).  After a series of strange events I then found myself standing in front of 2 rows of pink.  Spectacular pink Cherry Blossoms have burst forth in the Hot Springs Historic District.  As I began taking close ups of the blossoms a lovely Cedar Waxwing landed on a branch above me.   A quick glance my way and my winged morning companion was its way.  Another winged beauty arrived moments later, an Eastern Comma Butterfly.  It like many other insects was feeding on the tempting nectar of these glorious pink blossoms. A beautiful spring is unfolding in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Happy Spring, Much Love to ALL!

Beautiful Butterfly, Waxwings and Wildflowers

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A beautiful spring day awaited Rick and I when we stepped out for a late morning hike. As we headed into Hot Springs National Park I noticed reddish orange buds on several Trees.  The park lawn above the wall on Fountain Street was beautifully decorated in white and pink Spring Beauty. I thought about those little Ground Hogs and their accurate prediction of an early Spring.

Normally during the Audubon bird count I am constantly pulling out  paper to write down what I see.  From the Floral Trail to the Goat Rock my entire list only contained 1 Turkey Vulture.  I tried to console myself by reveling in the beauty of the variety of Birds Foot Violets.  A glorious sprinkling of violet to white wildflowers decorated the lower part of the Goat Rock Trail.  As we hiked higher up North Mountain a flicker of yellow crossed the trail ahead of us.  Moving slowly I got close enough to see that the sunny wings belonged to a Variegated Fritillary Butterfly. It is more yellow than the vibrant orange it sports in summer and early autumn.

When we reached the top of the trail I looked up in time to see a tiny Bird landing in the Tree above us. We froze as I tried to get a shot so I could identify it later when I edited my photographs.  Suddenly it turned its head revealing a buff crest and black mask.  More Birds landed on the same Tree, so Rick and I quickly counted the plump visitors.  We agreed on 12 Cedar Waxwings for the Bird count.  It was a spectacular gift from Nature to have these beauties land in a Tree next to us.  We stood for 20 minutes enjoying the sight of these lovely Birds.

The joy of being in Nature carried across and down North Mountain.  When we reached the bottom a single male Robin stared at us then continued digging for worms.  After taking a photograph there was a commotion high in the Trees and I glanced up to see 2 Turkey Vultures circling above.   Another wonderful hike for the Birds :)

I hope you will all visit the All Hell Has Broken Loose blog to see their really nice interview along with a selection of my photography.

Much Love to ALL!

Places and Beings of Dreams seem Destined to Emerge from the Fog

HSNP Sunrise Valley Fog View From Hot Springs Mountain

From above the moving beauty of fog cannot compare to immersion in its world of shadow and mystery.  A trail known becomes a world of the unknown where the places and beings of our dreams seem destined to emerge from the gray.  On the trail often the fog feels as if it is a living entity as it follows, engulfs and retreats.  Step into the wonder filled world of fog with me along the mountain trails.

Love to ALL!

Hot Springs National Park - Short Cut Trail - Foggy Wonderland

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Clearing Fog

Hot Springs National Park Short Cut Trail Fog

HSNP West Mountain Canyon Trail Fog Autumn 2010

West Mountain Canyon Trail Autumn Fog

HSNP Peak Trail Autumn Fog

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Autumn Fog

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Fog

West Mountain Trail Autumn Fog

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Nature Paints Winter with a Dusting of Snow

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I have been complaining about winter never arriving in Hot Springs National Park, this morning it dropped by for a few hours.  To those of you digging out from under several feet of snow our dusting will not be impressive.  Just the lightest touch  of snow changes everything in the Forest as it redefines shapes and boundaries along the trails.  The rust Leaves of autumn are beautiful against the white mix of snow and ice. Winter Leaves of red and green become jewels in the winter landscape.  I felt blessed to hike through Nature’s new art work this morning, thank you for joining me via my blog.

Love to ALL!

A Winter Hike in the Urban Jungle

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Snow is set to fall on Monday morning and I need to collect data about an urban hike I will be writing about for a local magazine soon.  More on this later… much later like in a few weeks.

It is easy to take for granted the symbiotic relationship between Nature and Urban Architecture in Hot Springs National Park. There is a graceful flow to the Grand Promenade Loop that travels across the base of Hot Springs Mountain and down along Historic Bath House Row.  Please enjoy my hike through the urban jungle on a day when spring was blooming in the icy chill of winter. The Universe painted a joyous path for me to follow today.

Love to ALL!


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