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Lovely Squirrels And A First Dusting Of Snow

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Although a few flakes of snow floated from the sky as darkness fell last night I was surprised and happy a little still remained in the park this morning.   The 28 degree temperature seems to have brought out all the Squirrels at the base of Hot Springs Mountain.  They are on large Tufa Rocks and hanging off the side of Trees. You cannot help but smile at their industrious curiosity.

As I climb higher on the mountain beautiful autumn Leaves are dusted with snow.  Two seasons colliding in a spectacular display of frosted orange, gold and red. Nature’s artistry is glorious collage of textures painting the trail edges.

Further up the trail I spot a Red-Bellied Woodpecker high up in a Tree digging out a winter nest.  He is frantically throwing materials into the air then dives into a hole in the trunk. Although I wished I could get closer, it was a relief not to be under the falling debris.

On the Hot Springs Mountain Trail I reach a patch of snow as the sun gently crests the top of the ridge.  The angle of the light cause the snow crystals to appear to float as translucent rainbow orbs.  The display reminds me of the color and fire of a bolder opal, or what my heart called a aurora snowialis.

It was a wonderful icy cold hike in the Forest…
Much Love to ALL!

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