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Blue Skies, Autumn Leaves, Berries, Birds and a Squirrel in the Park

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Finally a glorious sunny morning greets me as I enter Hot Springs National Park.  For the past week the skies have a been covered in a seemingly never ending band of dark gray clouds each morning.  Now the sunlight illuminates autumn Leaves as I enter the park and they look like beautiful glowing strings of lights.  Above me a juvenile Squirrel is practicing it’s balance and forage skills I head up Hot Springs Mountain.  I carry this joyous sight with me during my hike up and around the mountain.

Decorating the trail edges are lovely autumn Berries and glowing autumn Leaves. At the top of Hot Springs Mountain small Tufted Titmice are flying among vibrant leaves of red, orange, yellow and green.  They are busy feasting to prepare for the colder temperatures that have arrived early this year.

As I am reveling in the beauty of the changing Forest it is not long before I reach the Honeysuckle Trail.  I always Love stopping by Rick’s and my wedding Chapel, it is a blessing to remember the glorious day of our marriage.

Nearing home I spot a container lid in the park that has gathered rain water.  House Sparrows are happily splashing in the makeshift bath glittering in the sunlight.  As they fly back into a nearby Magnolia Tree I spot one of their nests.  Now I understand why they are so difficult to spot among the Leaves.  The nests are woven into a bowl that blends into the branches. A perfect place to hide from my lens :)

Love to ALL!

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