Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

Natures Artistry is in the Brushstrokes of Leaves, Wings and Petals

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In our part of the South autumn gently transitions as a lovely slow motion display of color.  Each day I awaken to see a new Tree has transformed into a colorful crimson display.  Red, orange and yellow leaves flicker in the the morning and afternoon breezes (yes, this was a wonderful double hike day!) making a lovely rusting sound. (see video below)

Over the past week the temperature has increased bringing out a spectacular array of wildflowers and butterflies. Vibrant to pastels Nature has splashed color across the Forest along the trail and above in the Tree tops. As I stop to take in the beauty I feel as if I am standing in a painting by Monet.  It is a blessing to see this glorious moment of perfection as soon it will change with Natures next brush stroke.

It was a perfect morning and afternoon with brilliant blue skies accenting the glorious colors in the Forest.  Best of all my beloved husband has recovered enough from his surgery to get back into the Forest.  Please enjoy the photographs and video from my hike :)

Go Take A Hike!
Love to ALL,

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One response

  1. Beautiful show baby. I really got lost in the colors and texture; and LOVE the videos. Again 5 thumbs up. Hope all watch the video as well as the slide show. Love ur LH, Rick x0x0

    October 15, 2011 at 5:22 pm

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