Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

As Summer Heat Fades Signs of Autumn Appear on the Hiking Trails

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The Universe’s Love caresses the earth, its golden embrace fills my Soul in mornings first light.  ~ Lee Hiller-London

Summer heat is fading into cooler days and the Forest has begun its transition to autumn.  Early morning light illuminates the Forest as I head up the Canyon Trail on West Mountain. Beautiful wildflowers abound on the Oak and West Mountain Trails in purple (Southern Blazing Star and Common Dittany), green, pink (Slender Bush-Clover and Small Leaf Tick-Trefoil), yellow (Partridge Pea and Yellow false Foxglove), blue (Asiatic Dayflower) and white (Nodding Ladies’ Tresses, Flowering Spurge and Deerberry).

Colorful False Turkey Fantail Fungi are banded in green, gold, rust, burgundy, grey, purple and white cover fallen Forest giants.  Autumn Leaves have begun to dot the landscape both in the Trees and on the path.  Spectacular leaves of vibrant yellow, rich red and bright pink glow in the rising morning sun.  Baby Lizards are darting back and forth as I reach the top of West Mountain and onto the Sunset Trail.  The view of the valley below stretches far to the Ouachita Mountain Forests past the sparkling blue Lakes of Catherine and Hamilton.

Delicately moving in the distance among the Trees Whitetail Deer scatter at the tiniest sound.  A small Nuthatch hops skyward on a tall Short Leaf Pine as I hold my breath and try to get closer to a young Buck nibbling on leaves.  Cool breezes gently tug at my hair as I stop to watch Common Dittany swaying gracefully along the trail edges. When I step out of the Forest I glace back once more into its beauty before I head home.

Much Love to ALL!

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