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Hints of Spring and Autumn in the Late Summer Forest

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The Forest is magical in the early light as spring and autumn dance together in the late summer sun.  Sweet Carolina Chickadees sing a beautiful song as golden sheets of light falls between the tall Trees. Spectacular Red Spotted Butterflies are glowing on the path and perched high above me on delicate green leaves. Fungi covers many logs with colorful swirls and curls.  Their bands of color glow as light creeps into small spaces in the foliage cradling each fallen Tree.

A spring gurgles forming a small stream and although I can hear the occasional splash I am unable to locate the water acrobat.  I will return to this newly discovered place to see how it changes with each season.  Does this spring feed Ricks Pond? As I am contemplating this I find another small spring one mile from the other.  Discovery is one of the best parts of hiking.

Wildflowers decorated the trail edges in yellow, lavender, pink, purple and blue. A radiant surprise was a single purple Oxalis growing in the middle of the Trail. My favorite new wildflower sighting is a vibrant yellow tiny Pencil Flower illuminated atop thin green leaves.  Hiking this morning is a delicate dance as I  watch for the many (very many) baby Prairie Lizards darting among the dried leaves.  I feel as if the entire park is becoming a Lizard nursery.

I began and completed my morning in the park watching little fish swim and cautious turtles basking on logs in Ricks Pond. Lost to my thoughts as I gaze into peaceful reflections of changing Trees draping over the smooth surface of the water.

Love to You ALL!


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