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Hook Beak Returns and Spring Leaves Sprout in the Summer

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This was a visit to Hot Springs National Park that was filled with unexpected sightings…

A rare sighting of Park Rangers… the first I have seen on the Mountain in over a year. Usually you only find them at work in the Historic Bath Houses along Central Avenue.  I had to document this rare event with a photograph.

On the Tufa Terrace Trail the small Trees that lost their leaves in the brutal summer heat now have lovely Spring growth.  I am relieved to see the young Trees did not die because of the 30+ days of  temperatures over 105.

After the big summer storm that raged through the park last month many of the birds that inhabited the lower park of Hot Springs Mountain vanished.  Today we saw a Female Cardinal,  a molting Blue Jay, a juvenile Northern Mockingbird and the return of an old friend.  Perched atop his favorite Tree along the Promenade was Hook Beak the Northern Mockingbird.  During the spring and early summer Hook Beak would exchange whistling tunes with my melodic husband Rick.

The House Sparrows took over the roofs on Bath House Row and there was also the Running of the Caterpillars on the Promenade… see video below.

Much Love to ALL!


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