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The Cottontails, a Squirrel and Sparrow on the hot hiking trails

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Like much of the country we are in the middle of a heat wave,  today is no exception. I enter the park at 7:00 am and the humidity begins to coat my skin with a light sheen. I am thankful I warmed my lens to prevent it frogging up as 2 pair of ears are glowing in the distance.   As I hike up Hot Springs Mountain I spot my favorite couple hiding in the tall grass.  Two Eastern Cottontails are out for a hop having breakfast of tender greens.  This is the second time I have seen them this week and it makes me forget the heat while I am taking lovely portrait shots.  I feel blessed they show themselves to me again.

The heat as I climb higher on the Dead Chief and Short Cut Trails is creating a haze in the air.  The light through the Trees twinkles as the sunlight pierces the foliage.  When I reach the top it is only myself and a small Squirrel out enjoying the trails.  It watches me from the side of a Tree as I head down the Hot Springs Mountain Trail.

As I finish my hike along Fountain Street only a tiny Female House Sparrow comes out to say goodbye.

Don’t forget to get out and play…
HUGS and Love to You ALL!

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One response

  1. We all grew up with crepe myrtles and I didnt even recognize them; that color is amazing. Great photo…and of course glad to see the happy bunny couple back in full force. Hope they are with us awhile. I’ll be hiking upper mt again in about a week and would love to see them. So cool. Gr8 shots baby. Love ur DH Rick x0xx0

    July 14, 2011 at 6:27 pm

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