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A Winged Hero Saves Us From a Small Panther in the Park :o)

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The park is as always filled with an abundance of birds when my husband Rick and I take another of his important ankle therapy walks.  The park is filled with a morning serenade to the now emerging sun as it crests the Trees of Hot Springs Mountain.

A wonderful Brown Thrasher land on a Tree in front of me and shows me the morning catch.  With a pink grub dangling from it’s beak and hopping closer I am able to see the detailed beauty of this bird.  Soon it takes flight and lands on a branch to join another Brown Thrasher.  They look at me then look at each other, this goes on for several minutes before then they part ways.

Farther along a lovely Northern Mockingbird is silently sitting atop a light pole.  It then flies down to the wall next to me and stretches open it’s wings while walking along the edge.  Soon it is up in a Tree looking toward the sound of chirping chicks before taking flight over my head.  Later it appears on a fence to my right, it is making a loud croaking noise and flapping it’s wings as a warning.   I glance down to see a Black Feral Cat (small Panther) creeping silently toward us. The Mockingbird dives at the cat pecking at it’s back driving it away from our location.  I am standing next to a bench where our fearless hero lands next to me for a portrait.  I am happy and honored to capture this wonderful new friend with my lens.

As always it has been a perfect morning in the park… thank you for joining us.

You never know who will be there to save you from danger :o)
Love to ALL,

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