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Stroll in the Park for Our First Wedding Anniversary

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Today is my First Wedding Anniversary… I had a lovely early morning stroll in Hot Springs National Park with my beloved husband Rick. A breeze lifted a bit of the heat even though the skies were dotted with dark clouds.

Lovely creatures join us as we moved along the promenade. A sweet Carolina Chickadee sings between pecking at a green seed held against a branch above us in a leafy Tree.  Further up the path a juvenile Northern Mockingbird is hopping in and out of the gaps in a chain link fence.  Ants feasted on something dropped on the brick surface and a Squirrel is foraging for Nuts on a rise to our left.  Below us a colorful Mourning Dove gathers vital nesting materials. It is a perfect day immersed within Natures Love at my Husband’s side.

Much Love to ALL!

Happy 1st Anniversary to my Beloved Husband Rick

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  1. Wow; we’ve been cruising that park for over a year (and the mountains around it); it is so interesting to see the creatures; some of whom know us, and we know them, and they make themselves visible when we arrive; and each has a characteristic that makes us know it is them. Nature still blows me away. It’s the only safe drama, and the only drama worth seeing on a daily basis. Great pics of everything baby. Happy Anniversary! Love ur DH Rick xx0xx0x

    June 18, 2011 at 2:51 pm

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