Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

John Muir, a Lizard, Turtle and Wildflowers

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Dear John Muir,

I come humbled by your message and sadly late to the congregation.  Although your body has passed your spirit still delivers passionate sermons among the Trees.  Once heard in Natures voice your message to mankind became part of my heart forever.

In the Forest I hear a choir so sweet it often brings tears and I wonder if its song is a whisper to my Soul from the Universe. There is not a Rock or Flower that does not hold my Heart as I pause to learn its secrets. How is it I could have reached fifty plus years before knowing the intimate beauty of Nature?  I am thankful my life will from this point forward move in unison with the natural world.

Thank you for being there to guide me as I hike within Natures sacred spaces.

Much Love,

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One response

  1. Gr8 blog….love the photography; have not seen one of those ornate turtles in a long time but they are something. Lovely Rita/Robin meter maid was at work early. Nobody would believe it if I posted that several robins meet us going into the forest (walk us into it) and meet us coming out; walking us out) but its been going on for several years). I find that fascinating. Love the wildflowers, and the North Mt and Goat Rock Mt view are almost surreal. Great work baby. Love ur DH Rick xx0x0x

    June 13, 2011 at 8:09 pm

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