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Squirrels Forage and Rain Fills the Creeks in Hot Springs National Park

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My beloved husband Rick and I both awoke early and decide to get in an early morning hike as the sun was finally revealed by receding clouds. A small Male House Sparrow was scanning the Fountain Street lawn for breakfast as we head to the Sleepy Hollow Fountain to fill our water bottles.   Seven minutes out the door and at the foot of North Mountain the skies darkened.

The creek along the Hot Springs Mountain Road is full of life giving water.  Immediately we are aware of the roar of rushing spring storm run-off as it drowns out all other sounds.  We are please to see the bridge across the creek and onto the Floral Trail has been repaired as has much of the surface of the path up the Mountain. Last nights storm has however begun to create erosion patterns further up on the newly restored trail.

As we connect with the Upper Dogwood Trail a light mist begins to fall and the sky is getting darker. We decide due to recent sever Thunder Storms and Tornado warnings a shorter route might be better. A rain battered Lance Leaf Coreopsis is swaying in a gentle breeze joined by delicate Daisy Fleabane.

When we reach the bottom of the Mountain several Squirrels are busy digging up nuts to enjoy for breakfast.  One is a female with two healed but deep wounds, another is a young female and the last is my old friend a female with a bobbed tail.  They are the perfect sight to end our much needed hike.

Much Love to You ALL!

PS As I type this a Tornado Watch has appeared on our television and my weather alert is flashing orange…

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2 responses

  1. i loved this hike; it was the first one I’ve done on an overcast day with tornadoes not far away; (hard to trust weather.com much anymore around here): but the squirrels were the best; as were the running brooks from all the rain. Gr8 pics of them too. Love how the forest is becoming a rainforest almost overnight. Love ur DH Rick

    May 25, 2011 at 5:16 am

    • The Forest has mysteries only revealed on the darkest cloudy days :o)
      Love Your DW Lee xx00xx

      May 28, 2011 at 9:45 am

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