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A Hike to North Mountain After The Storms

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This morning I had a guest along with me on my hike, my beloved husband Rick.  I would like to say seeing my husband in the early morning hours is in and of itself  a rare sighting.  As he has only recently begun hiking again I felt it was brave of him to head out with me on my morning hike as I am not use to having company.  Rick would say his greatest achievement today was completing the hike, I would say it was putting up with me and my cameras :)

We spent the morning hiking around the trails of North Mountain and saw new wildflowers, our first Fox Squirrel in the park and played hide-n-seek with a Blue Jay.  I hope you will enjoy my photographs of North Mountain in Hot Springs National Park.

Love yourself, get out and play in Nature!
Much Love to ALL!

PS: Please pray for the people of Tuscaloosa their city and lives have been devastated by a large Tornado… Pray for those who have perished in the South this past week during the devastating outbreak of Storms, Floods and Tornadoes. Counting our Blessing! Lee & Rick London

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One response

  1. Sure did love this hike…gorgeous pics, love the fox squirrel..birds, insects flora, and the fact that I got to go flying again. Love ur DH Rick x0x0x

    April 28, 2011 at 9:54 pm

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