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Colorful Spring Trees and Birds – Japan Relief: Photographers Can You Help?

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Please enjoy my nearly wordless ;) Wednesday post of the gorgeous colors of the changing Spring Forest in Hot Springs National Park.

I need your help! I am setting up a website to aid Japan relief… I need Photographers to donate photos for the online gallery showing which will last for a 1 year.  Photographers can help in two ways: 1) Donate a Image (Landscape, Cityscape, Wildlife, Flowers or Nature etc. NO PEOPLE)  for the site (Photographer name with details of camera and location of shot) if you are willing to pledge $10 or more a month to Mercy Corp for one year (send me copy of email receipt) I will provide link to your business site .   I am setting up a donation links for Mercy Corp as I am VERY familiar with the distance they will go to save lives during a disaster.  I will need an image with a  minimum width of  1280 pixels and bearing a not to obscuring watermark for HD production.  Those donating to Mercy Corp will get a full placement static image with blurb and link for your business and you will also be listed on the Thank You page listed at the top of all gallery sets plus you may add one photograph per week for the year… all others will be limited to one photograph and only be included in the HD video slide shows.  Please contact me at Hike Our Planet if you would like to participate.

http://photos4japan.org/ You don’t have to donate money… only let me display an image (all copyrights remain with you) so we have a pretty gallery to attract donors :o)


PS when my sister-in-law was helping with the Haiti earthquake relief out of all the agencies my husband contacted only Mercy Corp stepped up and sent a Cardiologist into a remote area to save the lives of a small child and an elderly woman. Thanks to their efforts both were saved.

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2 responses

  1. Very nice blog and oh what a beautiful doggie….and an excellent idea in helping Japan. I’m behind it all the way. Love ur DH Rick x0x0x0

    March 16, 2011 at 11:28 am

    • Thank You for helping me with this project!
      Love Your DW Lee xx00xx

      March 16, 2011 at 12:25 pm

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