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Wildflowers Fungi Dot the Trails in the Wind and Rain

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Two days of storms and I headed out to hike this morning with the faith that the weather service was correct and today the clouds would clear.  Oh I was so wrong.  High winds with intermittent rain and continuous mist greeted me at Fordyce Ricks Pond and the Sunset Trail.  The gray is deep and changes the color and texture of the landscape it hovers above.

The Ponds elusive Belted Kingfisher pair allow me only a brief glimpse even though one of them trails me at a safe distance in the forest as I hike along the Sunset Trail. They are not quite sure whether I am trusted member of the Fordyce Ricks Pond community. It is my hope that via my actions I can gain their trust in time.

Two days of rain has raised the Pond level to at least a foot higher than my previous visit. The Turtles of Ricks Pond are hidden somewhere under the surface of the water as small waves brake over their favorite sunning logs.  Along the banks beautiful Wild Violets are sprouting and blooming.  On the edges of the Marsh lovely blue Periwinkles are sheltering at the base of Trees and under new spring growth.  Even gorgeous Grape-Hyacinth have begun to make an appearance.

The Sunset Trail is decorated with colorful fungi including very tiny delicate red fungus flowers.  Turkey Tail and False Turkey Tail Fungi Fans cover the many rotting logs on the Forest floor.  As I hike with silent footfall on the damp leaves and pine needles I am in awe of Natures paintbrush.  The Mountains have begun the transition to Spring and new beauty is being revealed.

Thank You for sharing my day in the gray :)

Love to You ALL!


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One response

  1. I love the falls, the perwinkles and fungi, but the kingfisher side view is perfect. He’s very close and gorgeous. Beatiful photography all and all. Love ur DH Rick x0x0x0x0

    March 9, 2011 at 10:08 pm

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