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Little Birds and the Cat in the Window

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Field Notes: Thursday, January 27 2011
Today I was testing my strength for a new hiking location so I did not take many photographs.  I hiked to the Top of West Mountain then down, around and back to the top.   Are the 50s the new 40s?  The jury is still out on this cultural axiom, but I am happy to be a unofficial test case.

On the Canyon Trail not long after I entered the park I noticed an unmarked trail that has been blocked by two logs.  I stepped up on a big Rock to have a peek, as I balanced for a better look a mixed flock of Warblers and Juncos landed in the Trees around me.  Breakfast was being served, berry clusters were being enjoyed by the small birds.  They bent their bodies and reached for the tasty orbs dangling from the slender branches.  I followed them to the Oak Trail and continued up the Mountain.

Hiking late morning into afternoon, when I ran out of liquid I knew it was time to head home.  It was a successful fitness test.  Two climbs up and around West Mountain made me realize how fortunate I am to live so close to Hot Springs National Park!  It is a the best therapy, gym and church all in one glorious Nature filled package.  I am truly blessed to be living here with my beloved husband Rick.

I must share with you what I saw on my way home through the Hot Springs Historic District.  There is a western theme photography studio and in their window is usually a pile of colorful feather boas.  Today peeking at me from the feathers was gray, white & tiger stripe cat with brilliant yellow eyes.  The contrast of bird feathers and a small cat was too good a photography moment to pass up.

Stay tuned for my next blog… new park, trail and views :o)
with Love,

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