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Little Birds Out Foraging In The Cold Weather

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Field Notes:
Whether you call it “Wordless Wednesday” or “Wings on Wednesday” I always have a little something to say about my winged friends and more :) The sun has abandoned me and even when it peeks through the clouds the a gray haze hangs in the air.  Not quite fog, it makes focus and lighting difficult. The cold has made the small mammals vanish and I have not see a Chipmunk or Squirrel for since the temperatures dipped.

The Bird-Foot Violets are blooming as we head into winter.  As much as I adore these beauties I suspect they are out early/late because of climate change as all references indicate they are Spring bloomers.  I found 2 individuals and 1 patch hiking on the Goat Rock Trail, a small patch on the Dead Chief Trail several days ago.  Their delicate beauty hides their inner strength to bloom in harsh conditions, fragile grace in the impending winter chill.

The birds are very busy preparing for winter.  They move with great speed even in the cold air and many are blurs against the gray skies. I Love the industrious activity of the tiniest of warblers,  many have their winter plumage and have a lovely plumped appearance.  A sweet Carolina Wren  looked miserable in the 24 degree wind, while the Tufted Titmouse working on a leaf seem oblivious to the cold. A tiny Orange Crowned Warbler hovering under hanging leaves was moving so quickly only the back of it’s head was clearly visible. Please enjoy the all lovely wings I spotted on this wonderful hazy gray morning.

Much Love,

PS A special shout out to the Ouachita Hikers, it was lovely meeting on the trails.

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One response

  1. Wow all the birds; and I got to go with you on part of this hike; shhh don’t tell anyone how long my conversation was with the mockingbirds. So far the city has been kind in not carrying me away. Love the violets and other pics as well. As usual. gorgeous hike/blog. Love Ur Husband, Rick x0x0x

    December 15, 2010 at 3:18 pm

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