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Beautiful Foggy Autumn Morning on West Mountain

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Field Notes:
Another Morning draped in a dense gray fog, It is glorious that I cannot see across the street to Hot Springs Mountain as I look out my window.  This is an incentive to drink my honey lemon combo and gear up for my hike. I am excited to travel on West Mountain, it will be my first trip up there in the fog.  The sidewalks are empty as I head to the access point to enter the Canyon Trail.  I love the dreamlike enchanted feeling of the Forest trails, the stillness is meditative.  Each turn and rise on the trail is a mystery.  The Autumn colors appear more vibrant against the gray, illuminating the edges of the path.   I Love the solitude of the fog, to have each step transport me into a new world of wonder and discovery.  Faint bird song fills the trail and the rapid movement of squirrels appear as shadows.  A flock of White-Throated Sparrows join me as sweet Forest ambassadors leading the way through the fog.  Each moment in the Autumn Forest is a  blessing as I know how quickly it can vanish with a single wind storm.  The Purple Aster sprinkled throughout the park are a striking contrast to the rust red and yellow leaves.

When I reach the top of West Mountain fog is stretching out across the valley below. Lakes and Mountains visible on my last climb to the top are barely visible ghosts or totally obscured by the gray.  I Love watching the energy of Nature’s ever changing dynamics.  Among the Rocks a tender gesture of beauty has blossomed since my last adventure up the mountain.  Two lovely TINY blue wildflowers have blossomed near the trail head at the top of the Mountain, I am still trying to I identify this beauty.

A small bird I cannot identify appeared in a far off Tree, I think it might be a Warbler of some type but would appreciate ID help.

As I head down the mountain the fog is clearing, and I can hear the traffic as I near the bottom of the Canyon Trail.  It has been a lovely hike and I Thank You all for joining me on West Mountain in Hot Springs National Park.

Much Love to ALL!


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One response

  1. This is a gorgeous blog baby. Love the sparrow and Steven King fog pics as well! :) Love ur Rick x0x0

    November 23, 2010 at 7:49 pm

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