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Short Cut Trail Reunion

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I leaving for my hike unable to get one of my favorite songs “New Soul” by Yael Niam out of my head, not that I really want too.  The most peaceful place in the world lay in the Forest outside my window, I am blessed beyond words.  Today I seek wisdom from the Mountains, I hope they have answers.

Little sparrows welcome me in the park, I Love seeing their tiny wings gracefully dancing above me.  The Autumn Trees reveal even the smallest of my friends.  As I hike along the Carriage Road I am led by 3 Mourning Doves, I enjoy their gentle company.  When I reach the Dead Chief Trail they fly up into a near-by Tree.  A cute Squirrel looks down at me while it enjoys a nut for breakfast. The red Leaves of the past few days still remain and I am bathed in a rosy glow as I hike up the Mountain.

When I reach the Short Cut Trail I am joined by dear Friends often heard but not seen this past summer.  Two beautiful Red-Bellied Woodpeckers are flying among the Trees along the Trail.  One lands just above me it’s spectacular red head shining in the sun.  Another calls to me from a Tree across the path, shy and smaller it peeks out from under the remaining leaves.  It is joyous to be reunited with companions who guided me on the trails through the winter months.

The Hot Springs Mountain Trail still has a few red leaves when I reach the top of the Mountain.  From the Pagoda the view is clear across to the ZigZag Mountains at the tip pf the Ouachita Mountains.  It is peaceful to look out across the valley to mountain ridges in the distance.  I hike around the Mountain and continue on the trail to North Mountain and over to the Upper Dogwood Trail.  A Lovely Orange and Black Moth lands in the leaves to my side.  It sits fanning it’s wings in the warmth of the sun on the newly fallen Leaves.

I am surprised how many green Leaves still remain on the north side of the Lower Dogwood Trail. Three lovely Does leap quickly in and out of sight before I can lift my camera.  As I make my way down North Mountain on the south side of the trail the elusive Does again elude my lens.  It is good to see the deer are thriving even after the harsh winter storms.  On my way down the Floral Trail I am bathed in the golden rays of the changing Forest.  Did the Mountain answer the questions in my Heart?  Yes, it always does.

Much Love,

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