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Birds Spa Day and Autumn Leaves Fall

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Autumn has arrived but the cool temperature have given way to heat this morning.  The Forest is tinder dry and I wonder if others using the park realize the fires risk.  I am thankful the wind is still today as it reduces the risk of a run-away fire. As I reach the top of the Tufa Terrace I am greeted by a lovely Northern Mockingbird.

As I head up the Dead Chief Trail the sunlight ignites the colorful Leaves.  The Forest is glorious in shades of red, gold and green as I head to the top of the Mountain.  From the Short Cut Trail to the picnic Autumn Leaves are glowing all along the path edges.  Today I am on a mission  to reach the top of Hot Springs Mountain and deliver a photo to a wonderful new customer/friend.  I feel blessed when people want my photographs on their walls and desks.

I hike down the Hot Springs Mountain Trail and connect with the Honeysuckle Trail to visit the Wedding Chapel.  It looks rustic among the falling Leaves and golden Trees.  Visiting is always a rush of memories for my wedding day.  From the Honeysuckle Trail I connect with Peak Trail and head down the mountain.

On the Tufa Terrace as I am photographing some spectacular Autumn Leaves I hear a loud and vibrant song.  The Mockingbird that greeted me earlier this morning is now sitting in a tree watching me .  I turn and take several photographs of my wonderful new friend.

As I reach the hot water cascade on my way out of the park I notice it is spa day for the birds.  A male and female Cardinal are having a date at a private pool, splashing and dipping in the mineral water.  Nearby another Male Cardinal was being followed by a House Sparrow across the water trickling down the Tufa Rocks.  Later a Squirrel appears and enjoys the heat and steam.

It has been another glorious morning the park testing out my new camera.  Get out play and make new friends.
Much Love,

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