Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

Feathered Friends and Wildflowers in the Rain

Floral Trail Clitoria Mariana Butterfly Pea

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Carolina Wren Juvenile

Dead Chief Trail Carolina Wren Baby

Carriage Road Helenium Autumnale SneezeWeed

It is misty and rain is hovering in the sky as I enter the park this morning.  On the carriage road I spot a tiny yellow sneezeweed nestled in the grass as I head toward the Dead Chief Trail.  It reminds me of the sun that is hidden behind the purple clouds. New Asiatic Dayflowers are blooming at the foot of stairs that lead up to the mountain trail.  As always the blue is gorgeous against the lush greenery.

As I head up the Dead Chief Trail I hear loud frantic chirping. I look in all the Trees around me and spot a fluffy Carolina Wren chick.  It is making mini flights from limb to limb, I feel blessed to see this little beauty.  Up the next incline a juvenile male Cardinal is flying in and out of the leaves.  He is gradually getting his full red plumage which will make him easier to spot each time I hike. I wonder if he knows :)

When I reach the Short Cut Trail high in a Tree in the distance I see a Summer Tanager.  I wish it was a bit closer but in the mist that continues to fall it flies deeper into the Forest.  The rain begins to lightly fall as I climb to the top of the Mountain.  Next I hike along the Hot Springs Mountain Trail as the rain picks up. I Love how the rain refreshes everything in the Forest.  A sweet juvenile Carolina Wren is perched on a limb singing so the world will know it is growing up.  I Love listening to it’s beautiful song.   Further along the trail I see a small juvenile Bird it bobs when it walks (if you know what it is please let me know).

On the Honeysuckle Trail the rain increases so I seek shelter in my Wedding Chapel, Rick and I were married here.  As I stand watching the rain I see I am not alone.  A spider is shoring up a web as the rain begins to blow.  We both wait at the entrance watching the wind move the rain down the trail.  When the rain stops I head down the Floral Trail and I discover a single beautiful Butterfly Pea, a Lovely lavender Wildflower.  I has been another glorious morning in the park.

Dance with abandonment in Nature’s Fields and Forests.

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