Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

Baby Cardinals, Chipmunks, Rabbit, Squirrels and Tanager

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas Tufa Terrace Chipmunk

Floral Trail Sign Butterfly

Arlington Lawn Baby Cardinals Foraging

I love a hike that begins with a sweet Chipmunk appearing on the Trail.  When I reached the upper level of the Tufa Terrace Trail a Chipmunk was standing on a Tufa Rock.  The little baby could not decide whether it should hide or see what I was doing. It decides to come see what I am doing. As it draws closer I see it is missing fur from the bridge of it’s nose and behind one ear. It not easy living in the wild.

When I reach the Peak Trail I spot a pair of ears poking up in the grass.  As I slowly move up the Trail I see a lovely rabbit.   As I move closer it slips into the bushes and peers at me with it’s big sweet brown eyes.  I am so happy to have seen another rabbit in the Forest.

I hike up the Dead Chief and Short Cut Trails to the top of Hot Springs Mountain.  Connecting to the Hot Springs Mountain Trail I head over to the Lower Dogwood and Floral Trails.  On the Floral Trail I see a lovely red bird moving through the bright green leaves.  As it draws closer I can see the it is a gorgeous Summer Tanager. A wonderful surprise.

When I reach the bottom on the Floral Trail I see a beautiful Butterfly perched on the Trail guide sign.  The sunlight glows through it’s beauty delicate wings.  I wonder where it’s companions from yesterday have gone. I head down Fountain Street along the edge of the park.  In the Tree above me a Male Cardinal sings a beautiful song.  Since I witnessed the  the males teaching their offspring how to find food I have great admiration for them.

At the base of a Tree along a park path a beautiful Squirrel forages for a morning meal.  It carefully digs around each exposed root stopping to nibble on each newly found treat.  In a Tree above the Arlington Lawn another Squirrel sneaks a peek at me as I prepare to get a closer look at the baby Cardinals hopping in the grass. A lovely trio of a baby birds are foraging for food, it is a beautiful sight. Further along by the hot water cascade I see a female Cardinal and molting male Cardinal.  Near them is a lovely mom and baby Sparrow. It’s been a beautiful morning in the park.

Let Nature show you her beauty!

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