Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

Sweet Chipmunk, Colorful Fungi and Wildflowers

Promenade Chipmunk

Carriage Road Asiatic Dayflower

I headed up Fountain Street to check on wounded Mom Squirrel but she is now where to be seen. I feel sad and say a small prayer for her well being as I change directions to the Promenade.  I have to hop over a millipede as I pivot on the sidewalk. When I reach the Tufa Terrace I hear a small sound but see nothing.  I am about to move when a Chipmunk pops up from a hole in the ground. At first I see only a head, the sweet chipmunk looks around. Suddenly it is up and out looking around.  I feel blessed when I am allowed this close contact, especially when I know they have seen me.

From the Tufa Terrace I take the Carriage Road and see a Male Cardinal with his chick, he teaching it to forage for food.  The baby Cardinal appears to test the patience of their dad.  At the trail head to the Dead Chief Trail I look down and see a beautiful patch of Blue Asiatic Dayflowers.  They are all huddled around on of the Hot spring vents, their own tropical paradise.

I climb up the Dead Chief, I Love being on the trail in twilight, it is peaceful. When I reach the top I turn to see a lovely Tufted Titmouse sitting in the tree next to me.  Since the Trees have become lush with leaves spotting the tiny birds has become rare.  The memory of this sweet bird carries me up the Shot Cut Trail to the top of Hot Springs Mountain.

I hike over to the Hot Spring Mountain Trail and head toward North Mountain.  When I reach the gap between Hot Springs and North Mountains I spot a patch of lovely Black-Eyed Susans.  As I cross over on to North Mountain more Color fungi appear. On the Upper Dogwood the Fungi are mostly yellow or a golden color, turning to cream and beige along the Lower Dogwood Trail. As I leave the Mountain on the Floral Trail I can see beautiful Daylilies as I exit trail.

Heading home on Fountain Street I stop to check on wounded Mom Squirrel, still no sign of her.

Hold a place in your heart for Nature…

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