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Squirrels, Ice Cream Cone and Pink Poodles

Fountain Street Squirrel Ice Cream Cone

Where do Pink Poodles Shop? Central Ave Hot Springs

Somewhere on the edge of the city and the park wildlife tries to survive. When we leave our unhealthy food garbage on the ground it can end up in the hands of creatures who can become ill from its consumption.  This morning I saw a squirrel eating a discarded Ice Cream Cone.  I was not cute, it was sad. Please when you are in or near of our precious parks please dispose of your garbage in the receptacles provided throughout the park and on the city sidewalks.

It is already 78 degrees when I leave for my hike at 7:45 this morning.  As I head toward the Floral Trail I hear crunching above me on Fountain Street by the entrance to the park.  I Look up to see a Squirrel eating the cone of an ice cream cone, not a very good breakfast for this sweet creature.

Further up the Trail a Little Squirrel stands pensively as I approach, its sweet face is a perfect start to my morning. It brings joy to my heart on the way to North Mountain.   I hike up the Floral Trail to the Lower Dogwood Trail and hike toward the Upper Dogwood.  As I pass the second rest bench I hear a rustling above me and look up to see a sweet squirrel nibbling on a nut.  It is nestled above me in the green leaves of the Tree next to me.

I head up the Upper Dogwood to connect with the Lower Dogwood Loop and cannot wait to be engulfed in the bright green Trail.  As near the top of the Trail I see a squirrel munching on the leaves in the Tree above me. It is a lovely morning of Squirrels.  When I reach the Lower Dogwood Trail I am heart broken by what I see in the middle of the trail.  It is a now deceased baby Opossum, I can not figure out how it was hit in the middle of the path. My hike around the North side of trail is a silent somber experience.

On the south side of the  trail I photograph the lovely little Fungi growing along the trail edges. They are an ever changing colorful decoration in the Spring Forest.  I hike down the Floral Trail on North Mountain then hike up the Floral Trail on the Hot Springs Mountain side. At the top I connect with the Honeysuckle Trail, then the Peak Trail and continue on the Promenade.  Along the Promenade yellow Butterfly Weed is in full bloom and several Bumble Bees are feeding on the flowers. The brightly colored Wildflowers remind me of sunshine.  A beautiful Northern Mockingbird lands in front of me as I move toward the Park exit on Spring Street.

Thank You for hiking with me in Forest, I always appreciate your company.
Dance in the Forest and Let Nature fill your heart.

PS: the cute pink Poodle was watching the foot traffic on Central Avenue :o)

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2 responses

  1. That pink poodle was there a year ago, too?! My wife just saw that dog this year and took some pictures of it, just like you did, which I uploaded to Elingreso.com. I then searched to see if anyone else uploaded it to the web and here you are… you beat us by almost a year! :-) I wonder if that dog gets bored standing in that doorway day after day.

    April 3, 2011 at 1:01 pm

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