Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

Beautiful Fungi and Squirrels in the Park

Lower Dogwood Trail Fungus

Fountain Trail Squirrel Mom

I decide to go up the North Mountain this morning.  As I head up Fountain Street I see a Sweet Squirrel in the clover on the Fountain Trail having a lovely breakfast. In the early morning even the smallest creatures are at peace.  As I look to my side I see some fungi in the clover really pretty disc shape on a pedestal.

As I near the Floral Trail I catch sight of a Squirrel that I have noticed for months.  It has come close to me only on a couple of occasions, it sometimes appears to have involuntary movements.  Now we are standing face to face, suddenly in runs up and down the Tree a couple times then returns to look at me.  I take my first photograph of this beautiful Squirrel.

The Floral Trail is sprinkled with a wonderful variety of fungi shapes. Two look like funnels and another pair is a large disc with a button below it.  I am keenly aware I need to be aware of each place I set my foot down.  Winter was barren on the Trails spring brings little treasures often in the middle of the trail.

When I reach the Lower Dogwood Trail I am engulfed in the green and cooled by a delicate breeze. The North side of the Trail is quiet, a peaceful isolation on the edge of an eclectic historical city.  I stand still on the Trail and breath in its beauty, say a little prayer and continue on my journey. On the South side of the trail I can see amazing Orange and red Fungi.  Every few steps a I spot a new shape, umbrellas, little dots, cup shapes and irregular formations.  Nestle in the green of moss, cradled by leaves and surrounded by rocks and sticks they are spectacular.

Connecting with the Floral Trail I make my way back down the mountain.  As I head toward home on Fountain Street I spot a lovely Mom and Baby Squirrel on the Fountain Trail.  The Sweet Baby is watching everything Mom is doing,  they are gorgeous in the clover and grass.  I approach slowly and the baby moves closer to a big Tree, but Mom moves to my side and comes closer.  She is graceful in her approach and I admire how hard it must have been to survive this past winter and bring new life to the Forest this Spring.  I Love my life with my amazing soon-to-be Husband Rick and Nature.

Wrap yourself in Nature and breath.
Love ALL,

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