Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

Spring Wildflowers, Lizards, Butterflies and Moths

Goat Rock Trail Yellow Moth on Lance Leaved Coreopsis

Saturday in the Park…  A beautiful morning, a cool breeze has dropped the warmer temperatures of the past week.  It is Sunny and 55 degrees as I head into the Park via a Floral Trail as a sweet Black-Capped Chickadee begins a song to the sun.  As I climb higher on the North Mountain the sound of Chipmunks and Squirrels foraging add to the Forest symphony.  I connect with the Lower Dogwood Trail and continue to the Upper Dogwood Trail.  The joy in being close to Nature fills my heart.

The hike along the Upper Dogwood Trail is peaceful in the twilight, only the occasional Blue Jay call breaks the silence.  I am being followed from a safe distance by the blue sentinels of the Forest.  Depending on their mood they will either let me travel unnoticed or give up my presence to all who will listen.  Today it is a bit of both,  I Love how they care about their fellow creatures.

The Goat Rock Trail is so beautiful, new Wildflowers are blossoming along the edges of the path. This weeks main colors are deep purple and bright yellow, it is a glorious contrast.  The purple Wildflowers are still a mystery to me, but the yellow are divine Lance Leaved Coreopsis.  Further along the trail I see several patches of dark pink and white Wildflowers, they are an unexpected treat.  A lovely brown Moth shows me it’s beautiful markings wings open across a dark green leaf.  As it flit away I look down and see radiant Southern Sundrops blooming.

The edges are lined with rich yellow Lance Leaved Coreopsis, they travel up and down the slopes on both sides.  A pretty moth begins traveling from flower to flower.  It’s delicate pastel yellow wings are edged with bands on baby pink.  So glorious against the deep yellow wildflowers.

As I glance ahead on the trail I see an unusual shape laying in the sun.  On closer inspection it turns out to be a 10 inch long Broad-Headed Skink.  When I say closer I mean it literally, so comfortable and deciding I am not a threat it does not move as I approach.  It’s bright orange face glows in the direct rays of the sun.  I tip toe around this beautiful creature so it can enjoy it’s day in the sun.

From the Goat Rock Trail I head up the Gulpha Gorge Trail.  As I near the top I spot a beautiful female Prairie Lizard stretched out on an old stump.  She looks spectacular with her cream and brown markings basking in the spring sunlight.

From the Gulpha Gorge Trail I connect with the Hot Springs Mountain Trail.  It is another peaceful long hike and I am surprised on such a perfect morning I am alone on this part of the trail.  As I am pondering the peace and beauty I look up to see a brown butterfly nestle in the curve of a radiant green leaf.

When I reach the top I encounter a strange sight, a charcoal colored Prairie Lizard with a missing tail.  It has leapt up on a log next to me and appears to want my attention.  As I move closer it occurs to me this is not a natural coloring, it seems as if this sweet creature has been in a fire. He stays for several minutes and evens ignores a couple walking past with a dog.  I am so happy to see this Lizard’s sweet face, he is strong and will created wonderful offspring.

From the Mountain top I head down the Short Cut Trail to the Dead Chief Trail and down the Stairs to the Promenade.  As I leave to Park to get home to my Beloved Fiance’ Rick I photograph a beautiful Magnolia Bud escaping from its fuzzy cocoon. Although I post it here it is really for my Rick who was born in Mississippi, the Magnolia State.

Get out and play in Nature, dance with the wind on a Spring Day!
Love to You ALL!

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3 responses

  1. blackdogworld, Barbara

    Thank you for sharing! I cannot believe the wonderful photos you take and delightful notes. You are talented and fortunate to live where you do. xoxoxo

    May 9, 2010 at 8:02 am

    • Dear Barbara,
      I am blessed to have a National Park for my front, back and side yards. Nature is kind in allowing me to see the often missed details in her Forest.
      Hugs & Love

      May 9, 2010 at 10:35 am

  2. LunaJune

    the moments you capture
    stop me along my way
    flutters stopped
    and say hello
    beauty unfolding in the day
    as you walk the trails
    I always feel I am there with you :)

    May 30, 2010 at 1:46 pm

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