Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

A Beautiful Morning in the Spring Forest

Hot Springs National Park, AR Floral Trail Red Fungus

I head to the Floral Trail this morning and as I enter the park a Chipmunk is sitting in front of me.   I keep walking forward and when I reach the sweet Chipmunk it sits eating it’s newly found seed occasionally looking up at me. It dives in a hole grabbing another seed, pops back out and continues looking at me but not running away.  I enter the park with a smile on my face, I Love Chipmunks… I Love Nature!

The Floral Trail is peaceful and I can almost see the vines growing and the leaves unfurling.  Nestled in the Soil and Moss is a tiny little red and white Fungus.  It is the first of this color I have seen in the Forest, I don’t want it to be the last.  I head up to the Lower Dogwood Trail and a black Butterfly lands on the trail ahead of me.  It sits pumping it’s wings flashing the bright color detail on the underside.

The backside of the Lower Dogwood Trail is green tranquility, each step forward a divine awakening.  All around me tiny creatures are foraging and above birds are singing. The solitude is bliss, I stop for a moment, close my eyes and breathe in the the beauty.

I scan the lower branches for green Tree snakes and lizards.  They are a lovely bright green like the new leaves, I have many months to search before they leave the Forest again. I see a beautiful Orange autumn leaf shaped Butterfly on the side of a Tree.  It looks spectacular with the bright sunlight shining on it’s wings.

From the Lower Dogwood I connect with the Upper Dogwood then on to the Hot Springs Mountain trail. From there I take the Hot Springs Mountain Road and I can see delicate and seemingly invasive Japanese Honeysuckle winding it’s way along the edges of the Forest.  At the Park’s main entrance the Magnolia Trees are preparing to burst forth with fragrant blooms that will stretch the entire length of the Historic District.

Thank you for joining me for my hike in the Mountains, I always enjoy your cpmpany.

Love to You ALL!,

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