Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

Blue-Eyed Squirrel, Brown Moth and Sparrows

Tufa Terrace Old Blue Eyes Squirrel

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas Floral Trail Brown Moth

This morning I decide to hike up Fountain Street along the park wall and enter at the Promenade.  I am excited to see a pair of male and female House Sparrows flying back and forth from the wall to their Nest in a Tree above me.  All around us Spring is a reminder it is a time of bonding and new life.

When I reach the promenade I head to the hot water cascade then over to the Tufa Terrace.  A sweet Squirrel is in search of it’s buried treasure (breakfast) in the lawn.  A couple walks past and the Squirrel leaps on to the Tree next to me, it is so close and I am surprised to see it has beautiful dark blue eyes.   It turns on the Tree almost touching me and heads up to the top.

I connect with the Peak Trail and am pleased to discover a lovely patch of  Fungi. The two distinct patches are unlike any I have seen thus far in the park. They have little umbrella tops with pretty textures and varied shades of taupe and brown.  A rustling in the Tree Leaves above me reveals a Mourning Dove hiding in the Forest canopy.

I am cradled in green as I complete my hike to the top of the Mountain then connect with the Hot Springs Mountain Trail. On the Honeysuckle Trail I stop and sit for a moment in the Wedding Chapel. I closing my eyes and take deep slow breaths, it is glorious to be in a peace filled Nature space.  Nature is the greatest healing force on the planet.

I exit the park via the Floral Trail, as I reach the bottom a beautiful gold and brown Moth lands on a Tree in front of me.  It lays flat against the bark showing off it’s spectacular markings,  a movable feast of artistry in the Forest.  As I head toward home I see a large Periwinkle nestled in the dark green leaves.  It has been another beautiful morning in the park, thank you for joining me on my hike.

Find your own Nature space and take a few moments and let it heal your soul.

Love to you ALL!

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