Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

Small Creatures and a Sunrise in the Park

Hot Springs National Park, AR Tufa Terrace Squirrel

I start my hike this morning at 6:30 am and I am treated to an amazing deep blue sky with a sliver of a moon.  It begins as a  peaceful journey up North Mountain to watch the sunrise through the new Spring Forest. The sun is coming up faster than I expected so I have run up the Floral to the Lower Dogwood Trail.  The sun is a large orange ball and looks spectacular streaming through the Spring greenery.

When I reach the top of the Lower Dogwood the glow from the Sun is lighting the tops of the the Trees.  Each individual leaf is being lit up and the breeze moving through the forest is causing a beautiful twinkling effect.   The cool air today is keeping the morning hikers away, I feel blessed to have this moment in the park.   I can hear each bird sing it’s tribute to the morning light as I climb higher up the trail.

When I connect to the Upper Dogwood Trail a tiny Chipmunk pops up in the frame of a fallen branch.  It cannot decide if it should run or stay and watch me.  After several minutes and lovely poses I move on in hopes this amazing creature will take cover.

From the Upper Dogwood I connect to the Hot Springs Mountain Trail and head toward the Park’s main entrance.  At the Tufa Terrace I stop to listen for bird calls and hear a noise to my side.  I turn to see a Squirrel hanging from a Tree staring at me, undaunted by my presence it climbs down,  forages, eats and climbs Trees.  When others walk past it heads up a Tree, then returns to ground when they have passed  This is a wonderful way to finish my early morning hike in the park.

It’s never to too late to reconnect with Nature :o)
Love to you all,

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