Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

A Sweet Melody in the Changing Forest

Hot Springs National Park, AR Hot Springs Mountain Trail

The gray sky that greets me gives way to sun the higher I hike on North Mountain.  Along the trail patches of Birds-Foot Violets are spreading out. The beautiful purple and lavender wildflowers look spectacular against the new green of Spring.  Hiking in the forest this morning is peaceful and meditative.

Above me in the new spring leaves a Male Cardinal is singing to the emerging sun. Further up the trail a sweet White-Throated Sparrow appears to my right lands briefly then flys off into the forest.   As I reach the top of the Lower Dogwood Trail it is as if I am wrapped in green.  The gray of winter is beginning to vanish,  a new glow is radiating throughout the forest.

As I connect to the Upper Dogwood and then the Hot Springs Mountain Trail a Carolina Chickadee lands in a tree near our Wedding Chapel.  I can hardly keep up with it’s rapid flitting from branch to branch.  On the Floral Trail I discover several new color combinations of Birds-Foot Violets.  The dark velvet petals with pale lavender are my new favorite.

The  banks along the creek on the Hot Springs Mountain Road are blanketed with Wildflowers. There is a lovely mix of Bird’s-Eye Speedwell, Common Violets, Spring Beauty, and Sweet White Violets.  On the Promenade honey bees and wasps are flying from bush to bush and the air smells so sweet.  A Northern Mockingbird is whistling an enchanting melody as I turn to see an exquisite Red Bud Tree.  My morning hike in the park has soothed my soul.

Let Nature guide your Heart

PS: Last night my Love/Fiance’ Rick took my to world famous McClards (1928) for my first taste of  Southern Barbecue. The ribs were amazing, yummy! Thank You Baby :o)

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