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Spring Blossoms, Woodpeckers, and Squirrels

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The rains cleared and it’s a beautiful sunny spring day in the park.  I head directly to the Carriage Road to connect with the Dead Chief Trail and Short Cut Trail.   I spot a blue rock with white veins that look like a Tic Tac Toe game has been set up. I Love Nature’s artistry, there is always something new to discover.   The trails are quiet, but the  sky is above is active with crow fly overs.

Up top on the Hot Springs Mountain Trail lovely Cherry Blossoms survived the heavy rains of the day before. Their delicate blossoms still have a glorious luminosity.  A Northern Mockingbird lands on a Rock near me as I pass the Pagoda along the Trail.  I wonder if it’s the same one I often see near the bushes below the Pagoda. The hike on the East side of the mountain is peaceful as I look to the trees to admire the beauty of their new leaves and flower buds.  Lovely little Birds-Foot Violets are still standing after the showers and a sweet White-Throated Sparrow is nestled in the new green.

From the Hot Spring Mountain Trail I hike up the Upper Dogwood Trail and over to the Lower Dogwood.  The spring rains have highlighted the the numerous fungus fans on the many logs along trail sides.  Spectacular Baby Leaves in Red and Green twinkle in the late morning sun.

As I head down the Floral Trail to return home I am blessed by sightings of two new birds, new for me.  The first is a Male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker a lovely Woodpecker with a red head, throat and patches of yellow on it’s chest and belly.  As I near the the end of the North Mountain side of the Trail I see a Female Hairy Woodpecker. She has striking with black and white stripes on her face and neck. It has been a wonderful morning in the park.

Dance in the Sun and soar on the winds.
Love to You All!

PS: I had a love evening hike with my Fiance’ Rick, we saw a Squirrel on the Promenade and another on the Peak Trail.  At the top of the mountain a lovely little Downy Woodpecker appeared.  We stepped into our Wedding Chapel for a hug and a kiss, then headed down the Floral Trail to Fountain Street and home.



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One response

  1. Lovely photos and notes as always. Your posts make me feel serene, feel the leaves and needles under my feet and smell the earthiness of the soil and forest. I am also a fungus fan and should be taking my primitive photos of the ones I find around here.
    The cherry blossom photo really invokes thoughts of spring.
    Thank you for sharing your photos, thoughts and inspiration with us all.

    March 23, 2010 at 12:22 am

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