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Life Giving Spring Rain in the Park

Hot Springs National Park Tufa Terrace Rain Blossoms

Rain came to the park today, life giving liquid.  A little rain never stopped me, I put on my oiled cloth hat and head into the park.  The blossoms on the Tufa Terrace are coated in glistening drops, so beautiful. I stop to admire the pink that is more pronounced against the gray damp air.

The rain is cold and blowing as I hike up the Peak Trail I am fighting to protect my camera as I climb higher.  I cannot stop looking at the beautiful little leaves that are busting out on each branch. The glistening bark on the trees is spectacular as the rain deepens the color of the forest.

On the Hot Spring Mountain Trail blossoms, leaves and buds are on every branch.  The damp leaves silences my footfall and I hike meditating to the rhythm of rain falling around me.  When I reach my Wedding Chapel on the Honeysuckle Trail I go inside.  I stand in the center, close my eyes and imagine the day Rick & I will be married underneath it’s roof.

The sky is darkening and I decide to take the Floral Trail out to the park.  On my way down the many inclines I can see the beauty of the rain upon the landscape.  Moss and Lichen appears to have grown overnight, Fungus is peeling from downed logs.  Rocks have taken on a high gloss, their color enhanced by their new reflective surface.

As I reach the creek on the Hot Springs Mountain Road at the bottom of the Floral Trail it is bubbling and running fast.  The rains are feeding the entire park, spring rains are a blessing to all life in the park.

Dance in the rain and feel it’s life on your skin.
Love to You All.

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One response

  1. Love this one Baby. Reminds me of my ol’ home of Mississippi. Love the mist on it. Gorgeous shot.
    Love ur Rick

    March 21, 2010 at 10:22 pm

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