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The Morning Tree, Old Friends and Feathered Ones

Early start revealed the The Morning Tree, a place where as the sun touches as it crests the mountain and all the promenade birds gather. It was a chaotic cacophony to start a perfect day. The tree held all manner of birds including Cardinals and Cedar Waxwings. They all began feasting on the berries as the sun rose against the blue sky. It was a spectacular sight. Amidst the flight of fancy a squirrel slipped off a tree to gather it’s own morning feast.

I quickly hiked up the Dead Chief and Short Cut Trails and made my way to the mountain top. As I looked back I saw a young man carrying a small boy on his shoulders, Jude and Neil.  I shook hands and introduced myself and asked I could take a photo for my blog, they agreed. Young Jude announced “Where is the Tall Building” and it made me smile, he was excited about going to the Tower.

It was off to the Pagoda for the view, then on down to the Hot Springs Mountain trail to connect with the Gulpha Gorge then over to Goat Rock.  At the beginning of the Gulpha Gorge Trail a beautiful little Tufted Titmouse appeared and vanished in almost the blink of an eye.  Further down the Trail I was surrounded by wonderful Blue Jay calls and was fortunate get several photos.

Goat Rock held my favorite surprise, new friends Ginger and Rickey along with their beautiful dog Lady were there. We had a delight visit until the skies started to darken and we headed off in opposite directions.

I climbed to the top and took some photo at the North Mountain Overlook.  The skies were the antithesis of the sunny view from the pagoda. It was filled with dark blue gray clouds and I decided it was time to head home.

Thank you for joining me on this days adventure. Love, Lee


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