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Nature: It’s hidden Treasures Are All Around Us

Your Love is morning sun as it warms my face in the cool mountain air. ~ Lee Hiller

I take a day off from hiking every couple of weeks to reflect on the beauty I have seen and to give my body a chance to rest.  A rest combined with short fast and I feel renewed and ready to see the park with fresh eyes and legs LOL.  I can see the mountain from my window and staying away even today with impending lightening storms is difficult.  Getting toasted by lightening in the park however is not  a current blogging goal.

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the large view of Nature’s beauty we miss the details.  A rock on along the path, a tree trunk or stump in a large forest, the delicate moss or unusual fungus growths.  Each of the smaller pieces go toward making up the larger picture, but they are in themselves pieces of Nature’s artistry.  There is no need to rearrange or carefully place items in an effort to create the perfect  photograph,  Nature is an expert at creating the perfect combination.

I hope you will enjoy some of Nature’s artistry which I discovered on many of my hikes within Hot Springs National Park.
Love, Lee
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